«Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.» (Albert Einstein)

Logo ODE pagina indacoThe intuition of a moment can become a life project in reality: in order to plan, one must first imagine. “Vision” is the ability to visualise a project and put it into practice.

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The «fluidic body» of biodynamic osteopathy is like the electromagnetic field of every living being: it is there but cannot be seen. Although it is intangible, it can be grasped through intuition and expanded perceptions. This human energy field provides very precise information about the functioning and health of the body, as it expresses the “functioning codes” of Life itself in the form of energy.

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The body somatises physical and emotional traumas by implementing dysfunctional structural compensatory strategies for survival. These structural changes occur because there is an underlying disturbance in the fluidic body that has given rise to bizarre forms of energy functioning. The adaptations of the functional fluidic body manifest themselves in the physical body in the form of pathologies. When there are too many traumas recorded in the body matter and the related unresolved ones, the body goes into very serious illness or death.

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From the pratical side

ODE: Biodynamic approach

From the pratical side

The aim is to bring the whole person back to Health by working on the fluidic body. The osteopath expert in ODE enters into a relationship with the fluidic body of the patient in order to facilitate a reconnection of the patient to Life: by connecting with the matrix of Life, the therapist makes possible the triggering of that process of self-healing that brings the person into contact with the Whole and with Beauty.

Through Osteopathy for Dynamic Evolution- ODE the patient instantly receives information about their Health (their perfect health), intended as the original perfection that got lost through the years. This way, a healing process is activated within the self, with the aim of returning to a state of “coherence”. In biodynamic osteopathy the professional does not do anything mechanical or vibrational, he/she only works on the patient’s energy field, recoding it to its original frequencies that are at the base of the embryological structure of the human body. This starts the self-repair process that leads to Beauty.

ODE experts, if necessary, work together with experts in optical functional rehabilitation, to enhance the person’s vision and in doing so, also fostering their capacity to interact with the surrounding reality with new patterns, thus allowing long term planning in a more coherent way with one’s personal life plan.