From the visible to the invisible


From the visible to the invisible

From osteopathy to ODE

Osteopathy for Dynamic Evolution starts from the common practice of osteopathy to evolve into a new concept of both therapy and patient: healthcare intended as the combination of body, mind and spirit.
The concept of Osteopathy, intended as holistic discipline with an integrated approach complementary to traditional medicine, is flanked by two other ones: dynamics and evolution.
Dynamics refers to the human capacity of improving one’s network organisation in virtue of environmental inputs of a different nature thereby stimulating the ability to adapt and learn.
Evolution, instead, underlines the need of catching the deeper meaning of an osteopathic dysfunction and, in a broader sense, of sickness.
People usually think of sickness as something totally accidental and unexpected, sometimes literally as a disgrace. What if sickness was just meant to make us think on some areas of our lives and manifested itself as an opportunity to fix some professional and personal relationships that are not aligned with our deeper self?
In this case pathology would not be suffered passively, instead it would acquire a totally different meaning: so important that it can be included in the much broader framework of the individual evolutionary journey called Life.

ODE is a prevention and care method, whose aim is to help human beings to evolve, freeing them from physical and emotional chains that bind individuals in certain situations and existential conditions.


A journey through the multiple aspects of the Self

 ODE is a journey through which the patient rediscovers their deep nature. The existence of each and every human being encompasses more areas of the Self: from the physical body to emotions, from love for oneself and for others to modes of communication within and outside the self, from the intuition that leads to personal fulfilment to the spiritual dimension that allows to let oneself flow through life with confidence.
ODE experts will lead the patient through a personal journey into life, helping them discover their true and unique self.  Starting from an evolutionary “reading” of the patient, the therapist will use various osteopathic treatments depending on the individual situation. The detection of relevant blockages, both physical and somato-emotional ones, together with the realisation of one’s personal potential, allows for the understanding of which evolutionary step said person has to take in order to feel better and move towards Health.
For said reason ODE integrates three different osteopathic approaches:

  • The mechanical approach to the human body with structural, visceral and fascial osteopathy
  • The somato-emotional approach to the mind-body system with somato-emotional osteopathy
  • The biodynamic approach to the Self with Biodynamic osteopathy

The osteopathic ODE expert evaluates each time which of the three approaches needs to be used in relation to the patient’s actual situation and to their entire personal journey, starting from what is evident -the body- but also considering more subtle and hidden aspects such as deep emotions and perceptions, to get to the impalpable aspects of energy and to the evolutionary steps needed in that precise moment.
ODE practices also include the functional re-education of the mouth, seen from the perspective of dentosophy. This is a must, an essential step of one’s evolution: the mouth is an important part of the body, and its harmony or disharmony deeply affects the posture, the functioning of the skull, and in general of the whole body-mind system. Intervening on the occlusion and returning to a harmonic state through the use of a polyfunctional activator and other techniques all based on an integrated approach, it is possible to achieve great functional improvements for both body and mind. Osteopath and dentist work together and interact constantly during the therapeutic journey.
The search for the cause of the osteopathic dysfunction is aimed not at the disappearance of the symptoms as an end in itself, but at resolving the problem from an evolutionary perspective. For this reason, the course of treatment with ODE may include possible collaboration with various specialists, such as the general practitioner, the optometrist or the psychotherapist, among others, depending on the patient’s dysfunctions and needs.

From Self-rediscovery to loving Life

ODE’s ultimate goal is the patient’s Health, not only in the sense of sickness absence, but also as the chance and capability of fully enjoying the potential of life. ODE aims to awake the global perception of the self and to raise awareness that leads to making life choices resounding deeper within it: removing blockades and obsolete perception models paves the way for optimal health and rebirth.
The path of prevention and care set by ODE has as its ultimate goal the rediscovery of each person’s inner nature: raising inner coherence levels to feel aligned with one’s essence and find true personal and unique talents. From a reborn love for the self comes true love for others and everything around.

The evolutionary path with ODE

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